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Running with your pup is a great way for both of you to get some exercise, and many dogs love to go for a jog with their pet parent. The only problem is that it’s usually a pain in the butt to use a conventional leash while running. Especially when you jogging with your Rhodesian ridgeback!

Not only does a handheld leash cramp your running style, but your arm-pumping motion will also travel down the leash, causing you to tug back and forth on your poor pup. And if you have a big dog, a quick lunge can send you toppling head over heels.

Fortunately, there is a solution: You can use a hands-free leash. This way, you’ll be able to keep your canine close, but without having to use your hands to do so.

The main difference between hands-free and conventional leash is seen at the owner-holding-end.

Rhodesian ridgeback is basically built to run, and they’ll get immense satisfaction out of hitting the trail with you!

Not only will regular runs help your dog remain fit and trim, but they may also provide some benefits regarding your pup’s joint health. Exercise and stimulation also often help to resolve the most common behavioral problems.

RWorld Hands-Free Leash can work as a conventional leash when that would be more useful, yet quickly convert to a hands-free configuration when it is time to go for a run.

It’s constructed from high-quality materials and features premium metal hardware to ensure your dog stays securely strapped to you and have a nice selection of color options.

Size: 230x1.1cm