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Are you still racking your brains for toys that can't find pets, and you are worried about the safety of your Rhodesian ridgeback? Here, you can rest assured that the Silicone Ball Rope Toy is FDA-certified,

RW  Suction Toy is quality tested and consists of a safe and environmentally-friendly rubber, soft in texture, non-toxic to pets, environmentally friendly, safe, and harmless. Your Rhodesian ridgeback will love it!

Your ridgeback like to chew too much? What kind of toy all would be torn into pieces in its mouth? 

Your Rhodesian ridgeback can pull, drag, and chew under the ideal choice of wooden floors, tiles, etc., but will not lose grip. It`s easy to use: clean the floor, squeeze out the air with your feet. Pull it up on the edge of the suction cup if not use. This multifunction interactive ropes toy is a new partner for it.

No matter people or pets can't resist the temptation of food! Leakage function of this interactive chew ball can be used as a daily feeding. Bells in dispensing toy balls can be of interest to dogs, attracting your dog to entertain and play all day. Worried that the dog's teeth are not clean? The upgrade puzzle treat ball has a high molar point and a 360-degree fully-enclosed molar bump. Two different bumps can satisfy different positions of the mouth.

 Worried that your ridgeback will bite your precious sofa or furniture when not at home?  This toy can eliminate the dog's temper, prevent biting or screaming. .