Our names are Milena and Dimitrije, and we are a couple. Leo entered in our lives 7 years ago.

Really we think that we found our dog soul mate. Ridgebacks are simply amazing dogs. Like mix clumsy giant and lap dog. Best thing are their affection, but worst thing is certanly stubbornness. But enough for now. (you can read a plenty of blog post on site, we wanted to write many things for future ridgeback owners).

We made instagram page for him, beacause many people didn’t know much about breed.

And all started. Community was born, and we didn’t even notice that.

Beacause Milena is person of action, we never could be calm for long period of time. We had to try dog shows, coursing, behavior trainings, professional photoshooting, traveling..

When time comes for chilling Dimitrije is just the right person for that.

We gathered many knowledge during this years. We made very good friends in dog world, and meet some of the best experts.

But as time was passing by many people was asking us for advice, and one thing was leading to and we wanted to put together the good and the useful, so  we finally open the shop.

We are selling things that approved by Leo.

Main rule is: Is that good for him? Plenty of things we used in daily life.

We didn’t forget people. We made t shirts with Leo for ridgeback lovers.

Every month we are going to donate percentage from sales to local shelter.

Thank you for supporting us,

Love u all,

Milena and Dimitrije