New  Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy In Home

Hello, and first off all, congratulation! Now you are proud owner of one beautiful ridgeback.

Be prepared.

Because, ridgeback are unique dogs. Stay little longer and we will tell you all.

When your puppy arrives, you won’t want to do anything but play with them and watch them sleep. So, it’s a good idea to set up everything they need before the first 24 hours even start. Take the day off from work, or work from home for a few days if you can.

Praise them right away with lots of positive vocalizations and a treat. Training is very important.The two most important things to teach your dog are house training and socialization — getting them comfortable around other people and pets.

Here’s a basic checklist of must-have puppy supplies:

  1. Adjustable collar and leash
  2. Collar tags with contact info
  3. Food and water bowls
  4. High-quality puppy food
  5. Poop bags and holder
  6. Dog bed (for puppy’s first night)
  7. Toys and treats (start simple—you’ll learn your puppy’s preferences the longer they’re with you)
  8. Playpen and baby gates
  9. Crate

One more tip: Make a schedule for walks, meals, bathroom breaks, and exercise, it will be much easier for you and the dog.

Try to find good vet for your rhodesian ridgeback. Best way is a trusted vet near you.

Be aware that this is period of huge adjustment. Make sure that your dog is happy.

Share your experience with us :)

Milena from Rhodesian Ridgeback World

  • Mar 31, 2020
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